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Days of Hope

Production Crew

Director: Ken Loach

Producer: Tony Garnett

Writer: Jim Allen


Paul Copley

Pamela Brighton

Nikolas Simmonds

Helen Beck

Clifford Kershaw

Gary Roberts

Jean Spence

Christine Anderson

Alun Armstrong.

Press Kit

This title is available in the KEN LOACH AT THE BBC boxset.


“The only war worth fighting is the class war".

Short Synopsis

Four feature-length period dramas follow three young members of a Yorkshire farming family from the First World War to the General Strike of 1926: Ben, who volunteers for the army; his sister, Sarah and her husband, Phillip, a Christian Socialist and conscientious objector. As both men become scarred by their wartime experiences, Ben joins the Durham miners in a bitter struggle, while Phillip becomes a Labour MP. As the General Strike looms, the family find themselves at the heart of a pivotal moment in British politics.

Broadcast in 1975, Days of Hope was both Ken Loach and Jim Allen's most ambitious and successful television drama yet – provoking an immediate outcry from some for its critical portrayal of the army, government and police. Through the story of a fictional family and real historical events, it not only looked at a critical time in history but also reflected on the contemporary political landscape, as conflict between the miners and the government erupted once again.

Clip Rights Notes

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