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Three Clear Sundays

Production Crew

Director:Ken Loach

Script: James O'Connor

Producer: James MacTaggart

Story Editor: Roger Smith

Photograph: Tony Imi

Editor: Pam Bosworth


Danny Lee: Tony Selby

Britannia Lee: Rita Webb

Prison Officer Johnson: Glynn Edwards

Johnny May: George Sewell

Prison Governor: Kim Peacock

Rosa: Finuala O'Shannon

Press Kit

This title is available in the KEN LOACH AT THE BBC boxset.


Taking its title from a Home Office ruling that three clear Sundays were to elapse between a sentence of death and execution, James O’Connor’s "emotional autobiography" tells the story of Danny, a young prisoner put up to attack a warder by two old lags. When the warden dies, Danny is left to await and contemplate the ultimate punishment.

Jimmy O’Connor‘s moving, warm and, at times, humorous play was based on his own harrowing experiences. He had been sentenced to death for murder only to be reprieved two days before he was due to hang. Shown in the BBC’s The Wednesday Play series in 1965, the broadcast was watched by 11 million viewers and boosted the abolitionist lobby during the then raging debate over capital punishment.

Clip Rights Notes

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