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The Price of Coal

Production Crew

Director:Ken Loach

Producer: Tony Garnett

Writer: Barry Hines


Bobby Knutt

Rita May

Jayne Waddington

Haydn Conway

Jackie Shinn

Duggie Brown

Bert Oxley

Ted Beyer

Press Kit

This title is available in the KEN LOACH AT THE BBC boxset.


Two linked dramas look at the lives of those living in a Yorkshire colliery community. The first part, Meet The People, takes a look at preparations for a visit by Prince Charles, as management try to enlist the miners help in sprucing up the pithead. Completely different in tone, Part Two, Back To Reality, is set one month later as an underground explosion has disastrous consequences – above and below ground.

For these episodes of BBC films, Loach was reunited with playwright Barry Hines and producer Tony Garnett for the first time since they worked together on Kes. Filmed on location at the disused Thorpe Hesley pit, Part One saw the unusual casting of several northern comics including Jackie Shinn, Duggie Brown, Stan Richards and Bobby Knutt.

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