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Up the Junction

Production Crew

Director:Ken Loach

Producer: James MacTaggart

Writer: Nell Dunn

Adapted by: Ken Loach

Story editor: Tony Garnett


Geraldine Sherman

Carol White

Vickery Turner

Michael Standing

Tony Selby

Press Kit

This title is available in the KEN LOACH AT THE BBC boxset.


For The Wednesday Play, BBC, tx. 3/11/1965 - 75 minutes, black & white

“We told our director, Kenneth Loach, that none of the sacred cows of television drama need stand in his way… This is a show which defies the categories. It is not a play, a documentary, or a musical. It is all of these at once. It is something new - but, more important, it is something true.” Tony Garnett

This ground-breaking drama saw Loach take the filming out of the studio and onto the very streets depicted in the story. With an immediacy only ever seen in current affairs programmes, the portrayal of ordinary people’s lives had an authenticity seldom witnessed in television drama.

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