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Cathy Come Home

Production Crew

Director: Ken Loach

Producer: Tony Garnett

Script and Story: Jeremy Sandford and Ken Loach

Music: Paul Jones

Cinematography: Tony Imi

Editor: Roy Watts

Designer: Sally Hulke


Carol White

Ray Brooks

Winifred Dennis

Adrienne Frame

Wally Patch


"The most important piece of dramatised documentary ever screened" The Sunday Times

Short Synopsis

Cathy and Reg have everything to live for: he has a well-paid job, they have three healthy children and a modern home. But when Reg loses his job, they find their life spinning out of control. Evicted by bailiffs, they face a life of poverty, illegally squatting in empty houses, sleeping in hostels and fighting to keep their family together.

Watched by 12 million people - a quarter of the British population at the time - on its first broadcast on 16 November 1966, Cathy Come Home was a defining moment in British Television history. Controversial, moving and brilliantly acted, it provoked major public and political discussion and challenged the accepted conventions of television drama.